About me

As a Photographer and Photo Editor, Laura Massa’s experience comes from life and the intent to live it at its fullest. She has one eye on the lens and one on the world, open to both the images and the inspirations that make her work unique and intensely expressive. An avid traveler and adventurous documentarian, Laura Massa has photographed sights and characters in countries like Peru, Colombia, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Canada, France, Mexico, Greece, Macedonia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, and Czech Republic.

Laura Massa’s professional experience is as diverse and eclectic as her life. She is a graduate of the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, USA, and has also completed a 3-year-degree at Centro de la Fotografía in Lima, Perú, as well as a course by National Geographic at UCLA.

She is a highly motivated and experienced, familiar with multiple photographic formats and production programs. Design background for Fine Art Gallery, Photography studios and commercial purposes. Works with creativity, professionalism and edge, and have excellent people skills. As you will see from her resume and website, her experience is in a number of different but related fields, which makes her capable of handling diverse working challenges.

Laura Massa is a photographer with a proven body of work. The future will tell just how far her art and adventure will continue to travel. Her passion for fine art, journalism and culture can be portrayed in all my travels and curiosity for the world.